Brief Introduction

NEXTINSIDE Data Exchanger is a dedicated platform for electronic data exchanges between several SAGE X3 instances, other corporate applications and clients, suppliers or logistic business partners. Designed on the top of our cross automation engine and incoming/outgoing exchanges monitor, it supports a wide set of X3 standard or extended business flows covering master data, pricing, forecasts, planning, execution, invoicing and more. Data Exchanger infrastructure is at heart of NEXTINSIDE solution design for supply chain, corporate reporting, data warehouse consolidation and X3 content publication to web portal.

Data Exchanger

  • Eliminating the need for copying data from one paper document to another.
  • Reduction of IT cost by ready-to-use consolidation platform.
  • Reduction of overhead costs.
  • Substantial cost savings can result from reduced error rates.
  • Increasing awareness of data throughout the business cycle.
  • Shortening order processing and delivery cycles.
  • Increasing visibility by consolidation leading to a better decision making.