China ERP Software Market (August 2011) by Credit Suisse

Preview: After two decades of development, China’s ERP market is entering the second phase of growth. Most large-and mid-scale enterprises have built some type of ERP system, but ERP spending in China is still low. In our view, the focus of customer demand has shifted to business process-related functions, like CRM, SCM and PLM. Meanwhile, high-end customers are starting to favour industry-tailored solutions, which require more industry experience for ERP vendors.

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Inside the Chinese ERP Market by AMR Research Report

Preview: Localization of value proposition, implementation services, and functionality is required to fit maturity and cultural differences in Chinese companies.

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Chinese Cultural Implications for ERP Implementation by JTMI

Preview: Implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in a global environment can be fragmented due to the internal enterprise culture, which is representative of societal culture. In China, this is especially true due to the nationalistic culture of business. The way ERP systems are perceived, treated, and integrated within the business plays a critical role in the success or failure of the implementation.

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ERP Application Prospects and its implementation at Chinese SMEs by Yang Yang

Preview: Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the foundation and driving force of Chinese economy development. However, majority of SMEs are relatively small-scale, which lack capital, human resources, low management level and channels of getting business information. Therefore, it is urgent that SMEs carry out the construction of informatization and implement ERP to raise the level of management.

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