Brief Introduction

Sage ERP X3 in the cloud  provides your enterprise with a remote and secure access to a complete and hosted ERP solution with monthly payment per user and no further investment in terms of Hardware and IT expertise. Thanks to Sage ERP X3 in the Cloud you don’t need any technical skills neither for the implementation nor for using it. No installation required on your machines, no local maintenance, and no need any dedicated infrastructure team.

Sage ERP X3 in the cloud
Why choose the cloud?
  • Spend less of your budget on hardware, power, maintenance and administration
  • Save money. Minimize capital and other upfront costs
  • Physical space savings, Energy savings – heating and cooling
  • 24 x 7 availability
  • Secure
  • No longer have to keep track of your file-saves or backups

The different versions of Sage X3 in the Cloud
Sage ERP X3 versions

The infrastructure of Sage ERP x3 in the cloud

Sage ERP X3 in the cloud

What about the virtual machine (VM)?

Because we strictly follow Sage ERP X3 Best practices, out of the box, Sage ERP X3 in the cloud comes preconfigured with two X3 instances in your private virtual machine. The production instance includes your LIVE Sage ERP X3 application whereas the simulation one lets you safely perform qualification, development and backup actions. Other configurations available on request.

Sage ERP X3 virtual machine

Why will your critical data remain safe?

Sage X3 in the cloud

We have selected a brand new datacenter that belongs at the top. All important aspects are carefully covered, such as:

  • Power system : Utility Power feeders from two independent substations, Dual path power supply for rack-mount PDU, Tier 3+ redundant infrastructure, N+1 EMERSON UPS with 30 minutes backup time on full load, etc.
  • Air cooling system : Down flow systems with hot and cold aisles design, Air plenum designed ceilings, etc.
  • Fire protection system : Double-interlock pre-action gas fire protection system, FM200
  • Security : Smart card system for physical access control, Monitoring camera for rack area and data center entry, dedicated lock for every rack, Centralized monitoring system for power supply, humidity / temperature, etc.

What about the telecommunications?
We have chosen the major network provider in Shanghai and the first established metropolitan broadband platform in China offering multiple access providers with BGP4 protocol, carrier neutral, redundant maintenance holes and entrance pathways and dual-core, fully redundant.


What about the service?

For simple projects, we can deliver a training covering selected key functionalities of Sage ERP X3. For more complex projects, our consultants can follow the classical methodology during the whole ERP Project life cycle. Usually, Standard Edition is deployed in simple project mode and Premium Edition in classical Project mode.

Sage ERP X3 saas service

Be pragmatic and go straight to the point with “Pack X3 Essential”
  • Your enterprise employs from 20 to 100 people without any expertise in ERP systems
  • You want to cover 80% of your needs, easily shift from paper-based to digital management
  • You want to maximize your ROI with a solution tailored to local culture and conditions
  • Only 25 days of service before GOLIVE offered by bilingual “Chinese / English” consultants
  • No customization, no development
  • Deployment of predefined key X3 functions
  • Predefined Chinese chart of accounts and standard legal reports
  • Easy to upgrade to X3 Premium Edition including all data
  • Fully compatible with NextInside Bar code Solution

Sage ERP X3 pack essential

How much does it cost?

Monthly payment gives you access to Sage ERP X3 as a rent. The total monthly fee depends on the number of Sage ERP X3 connected users.

Sage ERP X3 saas pricing