Brief Introduction

Bodet Osys Quartis
, the complete MES solution enabling you to optimize your production facilities while benefiting from a very short return on investment (ROI). From real time production monitoring software to workshop terminals and industrial PCs, our products respond to the issues that industrial companies have today in production monitoring, scheduling, Traceability, Logistical activity monitoring, production management.

Mes concept

The MES Concept

MES or “Manufacturing Execution System”, relating to production monitoring or workshop tracking. As part of a “lean manufacturing” approach, MES integrates 11 functionalities, such as data acquisition and data logging, production monitoring, supervision and performance analysis. The interconnection of these different function becomes a major asset in optimising your production costs. MES or production piloting complements your ERP. MES is a vital performance vector for your business.

The 11 MES acquisition fields:

  • Data acquisition
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Personnel management
  • Resource management
  • Manufacturing order traceability
  • Product and batch traceability
  • Quality control
  • Process management
  • Supervision and Performance analysis
  • Document management
  • Maintenance management

Quartis Optima web 2.0
Optima web

Increase your productivity and performance by adopting real time indicators for your production activity: machines, operators, production issues … Osys Quartis Optima web 2.0 is a full and scalable MES software for businesses and industrial groups. Linked with our workshop terminals, Quartis Optima web 2.0 will enable you to extend the value of your ERP during production monitoring in real time and send real workshop data to your ERP naturally via “webservice technology”.

Facilitate communication in your factories and production units: thanks to supervisors that can be customised by business or operator category and plans and process files that can be accessed directly from our terminals and industrial PCs. Our Quartis Optima Web 2.0 production monitoring software may be completed by the following modules: workshop planning, scheduling, traceability/genealogy, equipment monitoring, operator monitoring, OPC and multi-language.

Quartis Scheduling
quartis scheduling

This tool is based on the real time wall schedule principle. It has the following scheduling functions:

  • Task scheduling: Manufacturing order, Production order
  • Direct link with production monitoring

Linked with an OSYS workshop management application, the production events (operation start / end / suspension, issues, breakdowns, quantity produced, etc.) feed into and automatically update the schedule within an infinite time frame. Configurable alarms are triggered to protect against anomalies (delays, unauthorised overlapping, operation sequencing, etc.). In Consultation version, the client stations view the task milestones via the company’s IT network. The tasks may be filtered according to customisable criteria to only see those that concern an article, an order, a customer, a manufacturing order or a specific characteristic. In the same way, resources may be filtered by station, island, type of tool, machine group …. Our range is scalable to constraint-based scheduling. It provides a graphic display of the progress of tasks and/or manufacturing orders on different workstations according to the workshop’s production events. Quartis Scheduling’s screens are available for consultation on our range of terminals and industrial PCs TCL8, TCL12, TCL17.

Data acquisition terminals

Industrial PCs

High quality graphic and touch terminals specially designed for Osys to operate in difficult environments.

  • A wide range to suit all types of environment
  • 8”, 12” and 17” TOUCH screen
  • Embeddable or wall-mounted unit
  • Design
  • PLC piloting card

Workshop terminals

Its simplicity, ergonomy and robustness make the TR Quartis range the ideal production data collection product. Manufacturing orders, repair orders, individual data and machine times can then be entered in real time into the MES and associated ERP.

  • Very wide product range
  • Ergonomy and robustness
  • Optional stainless steel version
  • Optional PLC board
  • PLC piloting card
  • Remote maintenance for quick maintenance service

Technical specifications

Quartis Optima Web 2.0 has been designed to be flexible and scalable in order to be continuously adapted to cutting-edge technologies (JAVA, Web technologies, multi-databases, multi-OS (Windows, Linux), multi-browsers.

  • Full WEB system for a quick deployment based on robust and free-software technologies
  • Interfaced with major ERP manufacturers: SAP / Microsoft / Sage X3 / DIVALTO / SYLOB / SILOG / ORACLE.
  • Compatible with Windows Seven, Vista, XP, 2003 et 2000.
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