Your company solicits us concerning its projects for improvement on its business processes, in China. Our duty is primarily to listen, to understand your needs, understand your success factors and offer you the solution that best fits your needs, today and tomorrow.

That’s why we made the choice, to be the main partner of the leading editors on their respective markets:

  • Sage with Sage ERP X3 (ERP solution)
  • Osys with Osys Quartis Optima and Osys Quartis Integral (MES solutions)

NextInside is also editor of third party solutions for SAGE X3 ERP, addressing both supply chains business flows and inter enterprises exchanges, and the short term execution control level with solutions for shop floor control, production tracking and barcoding.

We can thus insure an efficient, coherent and sustainable system.

Sage ERP X3
Sage ERP X3Sage ERP X3 is a powerful, yet simple global ERP solution. Sage ERP X3 offers the flexibility and functionality you need to manage a competitive business across global markets, with a compact and affordable software system for midsized companies. Sage’s international ERP solution supports all business processes across finance, distribution and manufacturing within one singular software design, that is affordable, more effective and simpler to manage than comparable ERP software packages. Sage ERP X3 solutions is designed to provide your global business with more control and flexibility, now and for the future.

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Sage ERP X3 in the cloud
Sage ERP X3 in the cloudSage ERP X3 in the cloud provides your enterprise with a remote and secure access to a complete and hosted ERP solution with monthly payment per user and no further investment in terms of Hardware and IT expertise. Thanks to Sage ERP X3 in the Cloud you don’t need any technical skills neither for the implementation nor for using it. No installation required on your machines, no local maintenance, and no need any dedicated infrastructure team.

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Bodet Osys Quartis
Quartis optima Working for 30 years in workshop management, OSYS, an MES pioneer, has established itself as a major name in MES production management in France and in Europe.

Quartis is a comprehensive MES solution in terms of:

  • Hardware: from data acquisition machine to the use of industrial PC terminals.
  • Software: standardised software meeting the majority of MES requirements.
  • Services: audit, functional analysis writing, project management, development, installation,
    training, hot line, on-call service.

The complete MES solution enabling you to optimize your production facilities while benefiting from a very short return on investment (ROI).

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NextInside Barcoding solution
NEXTINSIDE Barcoding solution
is designed to significantly save time and avoid manual errors during X3 tracking operations directly from warehouse and shop floor. The bar code terminal scans and collects data within the NextInside software. The synchronization with the ERP Sage X3 is automatically performed thanks to a WIFI-based network.

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NextInside Shop floor control solution
shopfloor control Shopfloor Control is designed to track physical work-in-progress flow between operations involved in a manufacturing process. Extending Sage ERP X3 work order tracking, Shop floor control provides information about each traveler or container such as location (work station, subcontractor), quantity, quality status, operator, original operation station, next operation station.

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NextInside Data Exchanger
data exchangerData Exchanger Solution allows any company using Sage ERP x3 to receive and send information to another company electronically rather than with paper. It converts the information communicated in electronic business documents, such as sales orders, purchase orders, work orders…The process improvements that our Data Exchanger Solution offers are significant and can be dramatic.

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ERP solution

MES solution